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Private College Counseling

A Message from Jamie Sitzer, M.S. - Founder & President of Admissions Route

Admissions Route is an educational consulting practice focused primarily on college admissions counseling.  I  work with students beginning as early as eighth grade as they prepare for the college application process. The college admissions landscape is ever-changing.  Each year the level of selectivity in college admissions seems to increase.  The reality is that many students, regardless of the high schools that they attend, need help navigating through all that is entailed in applying to colleges.  It is much more than filling out paperwork. There are a variety of reasons to work with an independent college counselor.  Choosing the right independent college counselor is an important decision. I began Admissions Route after working behind the desk as the Director of College Counseling at a private high school in Los Angeles for ten years (with admissions and counseling experience preceding that). I corresponded with admissions representatives on a regular basis from a variety of colleges including ivy league institutions. I have assisted students in being admitted to a wide range of institutions.  I have the first hand knowledge and experience you need and deserve as you make your way to college!  There is no substitute for real experience in this arena. 

I will help you to:

  • map out your academics and extracurricular involvements to set yourself up for success in the college admissions process 
  • understand and make the right decisions related to standardized testing such as which test to take, whether or not to retest, which scores to submit and if you should apply for testing accommodations.
  • develop a list of colleges to apply to that is balanced and that consists of schools that are the right "fit" for YOU - your needs, wants, abilities, interests and personality
  • submit strong college applications that reflect your strengths and uniqueness and that will give you the competitive edge you need
  • manage and organize everything in between

I hope to join you as your co-pilot on this very exciting journey!

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