Hourly and Package Options Available


We offer an hourly rate with a minimum of two hours required AND more cost-effective structured packages. We will collaborate to discuss scheduling of meetings as well as format for meetings – remote or in-person or a combination of both. Please review options and details.

*We gladly and gratefully offer a free hour of service for any referrals that result in a working contract with Admissions Route.


9th/10thGrade Package

College Admissions Planning and Strategizing: 

  • We will discuss the student’s strengths and weaknesses as well as his/her college and career goals and aspirations
  • We will develop an outline of recommended sequencing of high school courses with college admissions in mind (in accordance with the student’s abilities and college goals)
  •  The student will gain an understanding of what to expect on the PSAT and its’ purpose/role in relation to college admissions
  • We will map out suitable extracurricular and summer involvements that will align with the student’s strengths, interests, and aspirations and also impress college admissions representatives 
  • We will provide a thorough explanation and tips for of all that is involved in the college application and admissions process
  • Q&A session


Developing the College List

This is typically done during the student’s junior year of high school

  • The student will complete a questionnaire.  Then we will discuss and outline the criteria for creating a list of colleges that will meet the needs and desires of the student – parent input welcome and appreciated
  • With the above criteria in mind, a list of colleges will be created for the student that consists of likely, target, and reach schools 
  • The student and parents will review the suggested college list and share their feedback
  • Together we will develop the final list of colleges for the student to apply


Essay Assistance Options and Packages

This is typically done summer or fall of the student’s senior year.  We are very talented and able to help even the most struggling of writers.  We assist students with any or all college related essays (scholarship essays and all application essays such as Common or Coalition Application essays, college specific essays, and/or state university application essays).  Please note: we will not write an essay for a student (this is unethical).  We will provide feedback and suggested edits.  

*The topic that a student chooses to write on is very important in crafting an effective and impressive college essay- we strongly recommend that a student first work with us to develop the topic(s).

  • Topic brainstorming and development session


  • One essay review/edit (once a draft is turned in)

$125,  $70 per additional review/edit

  • RECOMMENDED OPTION essay assistance package - this includes topic brainstorming and development and unlimited essay reviews/edits for: 

up to three essay prompts


up to five essay prompts


Complete College Application Package

This is typically done fall of a high school student’s senior year (or started that summer).  We also assist early applicants, college transfer applicants, and graduate school applicants

  • This includes the complete essay assistance package for up to three essay prompts +
  • Requirements and deadlines for each college will be organized and finalized in the form of a spreadsheet
  • Guidance with, and review of, various college applications
  • Assistance with outlining and elaborating on extracurricular activities (also in the form of a resume when appropriate)
  • Direction related to choosing recommenders and requesting recommendations
  • Resources and guidance provided for applying for financial aid and scholarships
  • Close monitoring and attention to detail will be provided to ensure the student stays on track throughout the entire process
  • Advice and direction regarding showing interest and connecting with college admissions representatives will be provided
  • Support utilizing Naviance and other helpful resources will be provided
  • Assistance with navigating deferrals and waitlists

Please note that if a student needs assistance with over three essays, charges will apply according to the above costs for essay assistance options/packages

$ 4,500


     Two hours minimum required

Rate includes time spent meeting and phone conversations with students and parents + time spent preparing and researching on my behalf.  


Please contact Jamie anytime to discuss your specific needs and/or other options.  She would love to chat with you and help to figure out the best plan of action for you/your family